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7 Reasons Kissing is Good For Your Health

By | source:Here Nov 21st, 2017

We love kissing, all for pretty much the same reasons. While we’ve never really given much thought as to why (I know I haven’t at least), here’s more reason for you to engage in this mouth to mouth activity. Kissing actually works 29 muscles in your face and helps with your emotional wellbeing. After all, kissing is a two-way street.   To have been able to find a partner to kiss, whether it’s long term or just for the moment, can be read as an ego boost. This in turn helps us feel better about ourselves, and better our outlook on life.

Not only is it good for yourself, kissing plays a vital part in building a happy relationship. It brings people closer, both physically and mentally.  As for the couple that accomplished the world’s longest kiss at over 58 hours, good thing it’s possible to breathe through the nose!