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9 Tips to Help Your Baby Sleep Through the Night

By | Aug 19th, 2016

If there’s one consistent theme in parenting, it’s that nothing works for everyone. So why not try a bunch of stuff to see what works. 

Full disclosure: I have never had a child. I have, however, helped a friend take care of her infant, and it was an experience. That kid was not the least bit interested in pacifiers, but this has no bearing on whether or not yours will be. To digress for a moment, how many terms are there for a pacifier? I’ve never heard “dummy” before, but I’ve heard them called “binkies”, “chupis”, and other random things. I guess the babies who use them are bound to create their own nicknames as well. “Pacifier” isn’t the easiest thing to say.

Ultimately, babies sleep when they want, and your mileage may vary quite drastically on getting them into a successful schedule. If you’re finding trying to get your baby to stick to a schedule more stressful than not having a schedule was in the first place, then a routine might not be the best thing.

One tip my mommy friends might add is keeping the room dark, which actually works for adults as well.  Simulating night time conditions is a great way to set your child up for sleep.  They also seem to like white noise.

Sleep is one of those key things that will get your child (and you) to their first birthday and beyond.  Getting to one is definitely cause for celebration, sleep deprived mommas and poppas, so check out our Baby’s First Birthday infographic for ideas and interesting statistics.