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A Storm of Confusion: What People Really Think About Cloud Computing

By | source: Oct 3rd, 2012

“What is the cloud?” I hear that question a lot when speaking to my non-nerd friends. I try to explain it the best I can, but I usually just call it magic and point them to Google Music. The cloud is used almost daily by all of us. We even have our own Daily Infographic server in the cloud.

Two years ago at South by Southwest there was plenty of talk about how the cloud was going to revolutionize the technology industry. Two years ago the cloud was already going strong, and if the techies at South By didn’t know the vast usage of the cloud two years ago, it explains why 32% of the population still think the cloud “is a thing of the future”.

I am taking an information and technology class at my university and the cloud has been a big topic. I was surprised when I was one of the only students who actually knew what the cloud was and we definitely had a few people pretend to understand it in class. No surprise when the data shows over 20% of Americans had pretended as well.

The cloud is with us everyday and will continue to be there. Always raining information on its patrons.
[Citrix Cloud]