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Beauty Tips From Ancient History

By | source:Here Mar 11th, 2020

Have you ever wondered why Cleopatra was once considered the most beautiful woman? Maybe it’s because she bathed in milk regularly. This may sound funny, but it’s no joke. Milk baths are said to be incredibly beneficial to your skin because it contains properties that will break down dead skin cells. Many of the beauty trends we see today are not new at all. They have been practiced for years and years leading up to today. Another ancient skincare treatment that people practiced was bathing in the dead sea. This is currently a very popular method because dead sea salt is very accessible to many now. It has a ton of nutrients that are good for the skin and can treat a wide range of issues.

There are various uses of these ancient techniques. Dealing with breakouts? Check out the ancient Asian remedy before you buy your next cleanser. The best thing about a lot of these techniques is that they can be done at home. No, you shouldn’t start pouring gallon jugs of milk into your bathtub, but knowing about these ancient methods to treat skin issues can help you know what to look for in future skin products. Cleansers, bath salts, and lotions are all widely acceptable, but now you can know which ingredients have been proven to work over the past couple centuries.