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Are Money Issues Wrecking Your Marriage?

By | source:Here Jan 20th, 2019

35% of couples say money causes stress in their relationship. Is it wrecking your marriage? Whether we have a lot of it, or too little, money has become a key element in our sense of self. Where do you stand on the financial front?

It’s clear that money awakens intense emotions in the majority of us. I mean, who wouldn’t want more money? I know a few people who could use a bit of help with mounting student debt (ahem, me). The problems start when we avoid sharing our feelings about money with others: it’s very common to go through life without ever talking financial status with our friends, and suddenly we’re thrown in a position where we are forced to do so.

Yes, I’m talking about marriage. When marrying someone, we’re joining our lives, and our money, to theirs. It’s very common for people to get into marriage without ever talking money with their partner: how do they want to spend their own money? How much debt do they have? Are they comfortable purchasing on credit or would they rather wait to have the full amount? Do you want to share accounts? Is a prenup a smart move?

Our natural resistance to talking about money can bring lots of headaches, especially when it comes to marriage. Many married couples claim money is one of the biggest fighting subjects for them, and the existence of secret bank accounts isn’t uncommon. Are you in risk of letting money disrupt your marriage?