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Battle of the Beers

By | source: Apr 3rd, 2012

There is no denying the fact that beer is good. And that I love beer. And that most of the people I know love beer. There is also no denying the fact that beer is known to cause a “beer gut,” which is my nightmare. Although I am cautious about the amount of beer related calories I consume, I don’t really let it affect my drinking habits as much as I should. And I cut soda out of my diet, so I consider it compensated. But I haven’t thought about the potential health benefits. Lucky this infographic shines some light on the good things (besides memories) that come from a beer filled night.

While guinness has more calories than most light beer, the alcohol content is much higher so it may even out. And a pint of orange juice has even more calories, but i suppose the vitamins and minerals may weigh a little higher than having a higher blood alcohol content. On to the health benefits of beer. According to this infographic, beer contains killing off some bacteria that cause acne, contains minerals that help fight osteoporosis. Guinness contains antioxidants that help prevent the clogging of arteries and for maximum benefit you should drink one pint a day. Yes please!

So read up on health benefits, how long it takes to burn off your beer and keep on having a good time. [Via]