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Beat Stress And Boost Happiness Over And Over Again

By | source:Here Apr 17th, 2022

Whether you’re on top of the world or have feeling a bit blue, techniques to beat stress and boost happiness come in handy all the time.

Happiness is a term that has been overused. It seems as if our only goal in life should be to “be happy”, even though happiness itself is so vague. Let me tell you, I don’t buy it. This idea of being happy as the perfect picture is deceitful. I don’t believe happiness is a state, I think it’s a process. A process that always can be perfected. As they say, it’s about the journey.

Even though happiness can be a nebulous concept, what’s certain it’s the toll stress can take in the possibility to feel relaxed enough to actually *be* happy. Worries, anxiety and the general unease of our regular lives can be the main bumps in your happy road.

Besides the usual advice of exercising and taking some deep breaths, we’ve got you some actionable tips that will definitely help lower your stress levels. We can’t promise you’ll suddenly become a Tibetan monk, but it will help to keep you calmer. So when the day gets the best of you, get back to today’s infographic!