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Best Tips For Storing 40 Types Of Fresh Produce

By | source:Here Sep 4th, 2018

Fresh fruits and vegetables are excellent for health. Unfortunately, fresh produce doesn’t last as long as processed foods. Find out how to store your fresh items for long-lasting deliciousness. Storing fruits and vegetables isn’t rocket science. Instead, it’s a matter of knowing where and how to save produce, along with knowing how long it’ll keep.

When it comes to storing your apples, you should keep them unwrapped in the refrigerator. Apples will last for 3 weeks before going bad.  Same goes for oranges. Keep them in an open container in the fridge, and you’ll keep them for 2 weeks. Berries are a little more difficult. Berries only last 3-5 days uncovered or vented in the refrigerator.

Storage for vegetables varies just as widely as it does for fruits. With cucumbers, you should keep them in plastic wrap. As for radishes, you should keep them in their bag with a dry paper towel. They’ll stay good for 2 weeks with this method.

If you had trouble getting the most out of your produce before, not to worry. Proper storage methods give you plenty of time to eat up your favorites. If you need more help getting the freshest fruits and vegetables, here’s an infographic that tells you which types of produce are in season.