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Big Germ on Campus

By | source: Sep 30th, 2011

As a college student myself, today’s infographic made me feel unsanitary. I had no idea the extent of bacteria and other unwanted germs lived on my bed. Weirdly enough, the Junior year of college is actually the cleanest year your bed will ever have at university. I’m not sure why the 3rd year is the cleanest, but I know I’m proud to be a Junior. By the way, your pillows are nasty. I usually wash my pillow cases every time I use the washing machine, but I don’t often clean the pillow itself. Yuck.

Most people know college is a dirty time in people’s lives. Because of the constant visiting friends, study-groups and party-goers a super clean house is something rare. My roommates and I try our best to keep our place clean with general rules like all dishes go straight to the dishwasher. This works pretty well and we’re unlike most college households where sink is the place with the biggest pile of filth. has put together a series of infographics on the germs of our sleeping arrangements. Ever wonder the creatures that can get on your bed when you sleep with your cat or dog? Find out about your four-legged-friends, and check out some of the other infographics about sleep research at []