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Thinkific Review: Which Course Platform Is Best?

By | source: Sep 10th, 2015

The idea that quality education can only be found in the classroom has changed radically. Low cost and convenience continue to make online learning popular with students. Even before the pandemic hit, the online education empire was projected to be a $350 billion industry by 2025. As a result, there are a wide range of online learning platforms available to help build educational courses.  

What Is Thinkific?

Thinkific is an online course platform designed to create, document, and track educational classes. Known as a learning management system (LMS), Thinkific makes online learning content possible. It can also be used to create courses for continuing education, professional development, and for skilled employees. Thinkific serves a wide range of users from the teacher looking to offer an online coursework option for a class to the business owner seeking to build and grow their online education company.


Onlne school

What Does Thinkific Offer

Thinkific has a scalable platform that can be used for small cohorts to courses with hundreds of attendees. With no technical or design experience necessary, users can easily create on-demand or live classes. As long as students have an internet connection, this cloud-based solution is accessible.  Other notable Thinkific features include.  

User-friendly platform: With drop-and-drag building capabilities, Thinkific makes it easy to add content, create quizzes, and upload video files.  

Promotional tools: Thinkific comes with a suite of marketing tools to help promote your online courses. Users can easily display their online class offerings on a website designed for education. The platform handles third-party integrations with CRM systems, mailing lists, and outside websites. 

Payment options: Users can accept payments from more than 100 countries. Thinkific gives users the ability to set up memberships or subscriptions, accept coupons, offer free classes, and allow for a monthly payment plan.  

Student tools: Thinkific helps improve student engagement with its long list of tools to track their progress. With the student dashboard, they can interact with communities and print out completion certificates. Content creators can monitor student enrollment and student progress, as well as engage in student discussions. 

Robust customer support: With help only a phone call or email away, content creators spend their time teaching, instead of fixing connection or usability problems.  

Thinkific Benefits

The online learning creator will find many benefits with the Thinkific online platform. 

  • With its wide array of customizable tools, it is easy to build a course around your content.  The program has a handy feature to add video lessons, audio files, and PDF documents. 
  • The basic plan is free. This is a good choice for teachers who are looking for an inexpensive way to teach a small group or content creators just starting out. Unlike other platforms, Thinkific does not charge a transaction fee. 
  • Thinkific is scalable. The online learning platform can accommodate small classes with a few students or courses that attract thousands of attendees.  The ability to scale its size is particularly useful for a growing online education company. 
  • Users can improve student retention by offering bundles of courses, memberships, and subscription-based plans. 

Online courses

Cons of Thinkific

Users noted a handful of drawbacks when using Thinkific. 

  • Completion certificates looked basic and plain. Given the technical nature of online courses, the design of the certificates of completion seemed out of date. 
  • Thinkific does not have a mobile app. In addition, the graphics are not mobile friendly. 
  • Video uploads can be slow or cannot handle larger files. 


Online course creators have a choice of four different pricing options. Each pricing plan comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. 

  •  Under the Free Plan, you can create quizzes, surveys, and limited courses. The plan comes with such core features as email support and is available for unlimited students. 
  • The Basic Plan adds unlimited courses and live chat support for $49 per month. Basic features include email communication and integration with third-party sites, such as Constant Contact, affiliate reporting, and the ability to use coupons. 
  • The Pro Plan costs $99 per month and allows for up to five course authors or administrators. This plan allows students to make a one-time payment, setup a payment plan, or choose a subscription package. The Pro Plan comes with additional features such as advanced customization and the ability to sell memberships. 
  • The Premier Plan is designed for those looking to build an online course business. For a monthly $499 fee, the Enterprise Plan lets you sell courses to organizations, bulk enroll students, and send bulk emails to students through the dashboard. It offers five site admin accounts and up to 50 course authors.  

The company also offers a Plus Plan for bigger enterprises or companies with a large volume of students. In addition, Thinkific gives a discount off the rates above if you sign up and pay for an annual subscription.  


online school


Alternatives to Thinkific

Udemy generally does not offer as much flexibility in creating your own course. You can create a separate website and brand your course separately from Udemy.

Teachable is a powerful alternative that does offer subdomains, though they still feature the teachable brand.

oline courses


Should I Choose Thinkific Software?

If you have an online education company or are looking to start one, Thinkific software may be a good fit. The platform makes it easy to set up and customize online classes. With its drop-and-drag capability, you do not need to be a programmer or designer to create exciting course content online.  However, if a mobile app is essential, Thinkific may not meet your needs. 

With a handful of pricing options, users can pick a plan that best fits their activity. With its free plan, users can create basic online classes, surveys, and quizzes. If your company seeks a more robust online course platform, Thinkific offers a series of premium plans with a range of features such as an analytics platform, admin dashboard, email marketing integrations, and a bulk student emailer. 

As students continue to embrace the learning revolution brought about by online classes, Thinkific may be a good option for your remote education classes.  

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6 Practical Exercises to Study Foreign Languages Faster

By | source: Dec 14th, 2021

Learning new languages can be pretty scary. Sometimes, students get discouraged because they have to memorize new vocabulary, understand different grammar, and try to speak an entirely foreign language without sounding embarrassing. In reality, improving your speaking skills and trying something new in general can be pretty fun!

There are some studies that show a connection between learning new skills and better academic performance. In other words, if you exercise your brain on a regular basis, you improve your attention span and get your grades up!

What Languages Are the Hardest to Learn?

Generally, there are four language groups that require different amounts of hours to study. You can address an essay writer service if you are swamped with assignments and have no time to memorize new vocabulary! These categories are divided based on how difficult it is for English-speaking pupils to study the languages. Let’s take a closer look at them:

  • Group 1 (480 hours). It is considered an easy to learn group, including French, German, Italian, Spanish and some others;
  • Group 2 (720 hours). This is the next level that calls for a little bit more effort for speaking Burmese, Greek, Hindi, Persian, and Urdu fluently;
  • Group 3 (900 hours). This is a small group that includes Russian, Vietnamese, Czech, Finnish, Hebrew, and some others;
  • Group 4 (1,500 hours and more). This is the most difficult category for English-speaking learners, as it includes Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. As you can see, the writing of this group is based on hieroglyphics, so it’s much more challenging to master.

coffee break during studying

Even if you start classes in Group 3 or Group 4, don’t get discouraged! There are many tools that help students to remember new information, and here are 6 practical exercises to study foreign languages faster!

Put on Post-It Notes Around the House

As you start your studies, visual stimulation will definitely help. Choose a bright color for your notes so that they will catch your eye. Write down some new words and their translations. Once a week, you can add new words or rotate the notes around the house. 

Another fun idea for this exercise is to sign the stuff around your house in a language that you are learning! Without a doubt, you will remember the Spanish word for ‘mirror’ if you stare at its translation at least twice a day!


Repeat new vocabulary every evening before bed. Not all exercises on this list are fun! You have to put in a lot of time and hard work if you want to learn something new. At the beginning of your lessons, try to remember everything that you memorized before, like a list of new words, or a fun new expression. Repeat it a couple of times before going to sleep!


Listen to foreign songs, go to karaoke, or write down missing words from song lyrics. This is an excellent exercise if you like singing! For example, if you learn Italian, try listening to the classic songs of Andrea Bocelli and read their translation. Soon, you will understand words out of a song and can try printing out the lyrics with the missing lines and fill them up yourself.

Put on Some Background Noise

Studies show that if students want to develop their speaking skills, they should listen to native speakers more. Sometimes, you just don’t have enough foreign friends to talk to every day. So put on a TV program, a movie, or a podcast in the background. You don’t even need to pay a lot of attention to it, just listen to the new sounds and rhythm of the native speakers!

Decode Sentences Into Your Mother Tongue

Okay, so this exercise is less fun and more about the actual studying. You have to take a single sentence and decipher it. In other words, you translate every word in a sentence and try to make the same phrase with the same meaning in your native tongue, so the words match up. This task might be challenging for beginners, but it’s excellent for building up a skill!

book for learning german on the desk

Communicate with Native Speakers

For instance, you can host a game night with a native speaker. Playing games is an easy way to learn something new. Maybe you have a foreign friend who will take part in your game night? There are a lot of activities that you can do together to have fun and to practice new words at the same time. For example, you can play charades, Pictionary, or any other game that uses a lot of vocabulary.

To Sum Up

So there you have it, some practical activities that will allow you to learn a new language faster. Also, you have to remember that studying is not always fun and games! Students need to show a lot of determination if they want to succeed.

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ALL Weapon Combos in Naraka Bladepoint 2021

By | source: Dec 7th, 2021

Naraka Bladepoint not only has caused a massive stir in the battle royale community with its innovate gameplay, it has sparked a light of joy and hope in the hearts of a lot of arcade fighting game lovers that were subconsciously waiting for a game like this to hit the market and your prayers have finally been answered!

The ever-popular arcade fighting games have a massive loyal fan-base that has now turned to this new battle royale game without guns! More and more players are starting off with a new Naraka Bladepoint cd key from Gamecamp every single day. But this innovation surely comes at a cost of having to learn the new concepts that were hidden to the world of gaming.

But in this article, I will be going over all the popular weapons in the game and their combos that can change the whole game for you! 


All Weapons Combo

There are a number of weapons in the game each with their own unique characteristics that makes it stand out than the rest and lets the player decide which one to go with depending on their playstyle.

And these weapons also happen to have some sort of unique combos that make them deadly in their own way and before we dive into each of the individual weapon combos, there is a basic combo we need to learn that works across all the weapons.

So, most of the weapons in the game have a 123 combo which is a combination of 3 horizontal or vertical attacks, each of them mostly works in the same way and with the same damage rate. Players can use this to execute 3 horizontal or 3 vertical attacks on the enemy!


Long Sword Combos

Starting out with a long sword which is one of the most damaging weapons in the list but costs us some precious time as it is heavier than the rest. But the combos are pretty easy to pull off with the long sword and the first one that we are going to talk about is the aerial combo which throws the enemy into the air making him vulnerable.

So, the first thing you need to do is close in on your opponent and begin with a horizontal strike, followed by an uppercut. Once the opponent is in the air, rapidly execute several air horizontal attacks while holding the “w” key. This will keep the enemy floating in the air ahead of you, giving you ample time to execute another row of quick regular attacks until the enemy lands.

Spear Combos

The next weapon is the spear and this one is a perfect choice for those who like to keep a little distance from the enemies as it has a long range. 

The combo for the spear is pretty much aerial like any other that you’d find in the game. You need to stand closer to the enemy button and start with a horizontal strike followed by an uppercut attack. You must now perform a mid-air horizontal attack followed by another horizontal attack as a strike while the adversary is in mid-air.

This also gives no room to the opponent to be able to attack you back or dodge the attack as they’ll be floating in the air most of the time, which makes them vulnerable.


The Katana Combos

Because the Katana is a short-ranged weapon, it has a faster attack rate than most of the other weapons, which makes it great for combos. Katana also features some of the easiest combinations for a novice to follow, that we are going to be diving in.

So this combo consists of four attacks: a regular horizontal attack followed by a vertical uppercut, which will throw your opponent into the air, rendering him completely vulnerable, and then you must wait for your opponent to hit the ground before performing another horizontal attack followed by an uppercut.

On to the more advanced form of this combo which is quite popular in the game and deals a great amount of damage to the opponents. In order to execute this combo, just like the previous attack, stand close to your opponent and begin with a horizontal attack, followed by a vertical uppercut that will throw your opponent into the air; however, instead of letting your opponent land on the ground, perform two horizontal air attacks while holding down the forward button. 

You’ll be able to execute this twice before the adversary falls to the ground, and even if he does, you’ll be able to counter with two more attacks, which makes it one of the best combos in the game.


Dagger Combos

Dagger has been the best weapons in the game for a lot of reasons and one of them being that dagger has some of the best combos, because of its super fast speed and attack rate that lets you deal a great amount of damage to the enemies. And learning these combos might just change the game for you, especially if you are a beginner.

You need to start with a horizontal attack followed by an uppercut, then execute two mid-air horizontal strikes while the adversary is in the air, and as soon as your opponent hits the ground, make a brief leap followed by the basic three attack combination.

But this is still somewhat easy to pull off than the one I am going to tell you now, which is kind of like a hack in this game but it’s actually not, this is known as the Yoto Hime combo based on the players’ name and it has got some serious damage and attacks leaving the enemy completely vulnerable.

Let me teach you how to do it. you start off with a dual left attack, followed by the uppercut slash, and once the enemy is in mid-air, do another couple horizontal attacks, followed by two focused attacks in the air, and then wait for the enemy to hit the ground, then do a little jump, followed by the same two horizontal attacks, and finally fina.

I know it’s difficult, but once you master this combo, your opponent will have no chance against you! To pull off these combinations, though, you’ll need a lot of practice.

These attacks take a lot of skills and practice and that takes a lot of time. Make sure to spend some time trying to play around with different techniques and you might just come up with a technique of your own which can be super cool.

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How To Get Rid of Phone Addiction With 9 Easy Steps

By | source: Nov 23rd, 2021

Smartphones have become an integral part of our everyday life. Of course, they have a lot of benefits that make our life better. However, the excessive use of phones may result in huge problems with health.

The first thing to do is to have more free time spent without a smartphone. If you lack free time, you can try to write my paper with the help PaperWriter service. Furthermore, look through the list of working techniques to get rid of phone addiction and change your life for the better.

woman standing while using phone

Why is Phone Addiction a Serious Problem?

Smartphone addiction is a serious problem because it has a lot of negative effects on both physical and mental health:

  • Aggravating short-time memory;
  • Less emotional recovery;
  • Increased feeling of loneliness and depression;
  • Poor quality of conversation;
  • Adverse impact on the quality of sleep;
  • Increasing obesity;
  • Relationships problems;
  • Increased anxiety;
  • Problems with studying;
  • Poor academic performance;
  • Problems with eyes;
  • Frequent headaches.

This list of the most frequent outcomes of phone addiction shows that the problem affects health and quality of life. That’s why it is crucial to find the best solutions to overcome phone addiction and improve your wellness.

Simple Tips For Getting Rid of Phone Addiction

Getting rid of phone addiction is a chance to change your life for the better. After trying these simple tips, you will see that you get a lot of free time, improve the learning process, and have a good mood.

Customize the Notifications

The first step to solve the problem of phone addiction is to customize the notifications. Thus, the surveys show that people cannot ignore notifications that result in the excessive use of smartphones.

You need to limit the notifications, especially when you are at college or busy. This way, you won’t have an additional reason to turn on your smartphone and look through the messages. After some time, you will feel less stressed because nothing will disturb you from important things.

Delete All Unnecessary Apps

The next important thing is to delete all unnecessary apps. For example, if you need to study a lot, social media apps will be the main reason to be distracted. Thus, try to delete them for some time, and you will see how much free time you get.

Also, look through all the apps installed on your smartphone. Maybe, you will find a lot of unnecessary apps you will never use. Delete them, as they can send notifications that are too disturbing.

Create a Plan to Use a Smartphone

One more good idea is to create a plan for your smartphone usage. If you feel that you are too addicted to smartphones, you need to write down how many apps you use during the day and for what purpose. It will help understand why smartphone addiction is a great problem.

With the new plan, you will start to control the usage of smartphones. Also, you will have a detailed schedule for the day. Undoubtedly, it will make your college life easier and well-organized.

Take a Holiday

Specialists recommend taking holidays without any gadgets. It is a nice way to detox your mind from social media and tons of information. For example, you can go on a trip or camping for the weekend. Spending time close to nature has a lot of benefits, such as a good mood. Furthermore, such a holiday will also be useful for both mental and physical health.

If you think your relatives and friends will worry about your long absence online, notify them about your short holiday.

Do Not Use Smartphone Before Going to Bed

The next working suggestion is not to use smartphones before going to bed. Thus, the specialists have already found out that the blue light of the display negatively affects the quality of sleep.

Furthermore, people often do not control how much time they spend with smartphones in bed. It starts with several minutes and ends with almost half of the night scrolling through Instagram or Facebook. So, if you want to sleep well and feel good in the morning, get rid of your phone for 3-4 hours before bed.

man using his phone to watch YouTube videos


Use Apps to Limit Phone Usage


We talked about the negative effects of unnecessary apps at the beginning of the article. But there are also useful apps that help limit phone usage during the day. If you want to stay healthy and have a lot of free time, try this effective way to get rid of smartphone addiction.

Such apps as Rescue Time or AppDetox will become your best friends during the day. The main advantage of these programs is in controlling the time period you spend on a phone.

Try to Use a Feature Phone for Some Time

In case of serious phone addiction, it is recommended to use a feature phone for some time. The main benefit of this phone is the absence of social media apps. Thus, you will use it only for its direct purpose—to call someone if necessary.

After several weeks of this experiment, you can get back to your smartphone. If you see that you can control the time spent on social media, you will overcome your addiction.

Replace the Bad Habit

Experts recommend trying to replace the bad habit with the good one. In case of phone addiction, you can search for a new hobby to overcome this problem. Try to read books before going to sleep instead of surfing the Internet. This way, you will spend time with pleasure and get new knowledge.

Change Thinking

Finally, you need to change your thinking to overcome the addiction. Try to analyze your life to find out the main reason for excessive use of the smartphone. Maybe, the main cause for it is feelings of loneliness, depression, or some life problems. After you realize it, you will solve this issue faster.

girl checking her social media on the phone

Key Takeaway

To conclude, it is vital to find working solutions to overcome the problem of phone addiction. If you feel that you spend too much time on the phone, it is the right time to try at least one of the tips from this list. Always remember that a smartphone is a tool but not the thing that can control your life.

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10 Ways How to Improve Writing Skills On Your Own

By | source: Nov 20th, 2021

If you keep a daily journal,  you can benefit from it a lot by just adding a few new pages on a regular basis. This routine helps you to understand yourself better and watch your personal evolution. You might notice how you change and grow. It’s actually a very therapeutic habit that helps to connect with your true self.

By the way, have you ever thought that writing makes your thinking better? In order to write, you must first have an idea of what you want to say. Hence, you need to order your thoughts and put them into a logical chain. While producing ideas and arranging them into a well-ordered sequence, your thinking clarity improves. What’s more, writing requires you to do proper research on the topic. By reading different sources, you become smarter.

As you can see, writing is very beneficial. However, we usually avoid writing activities if they are not related to our work or studies. Typically, writing is a kind of professional or learning obligation. And it requires mastery. But what to do if you are not really good at it? Let’s find it out!

young girl sitting on the sofe and working woth book and on her laptop

1. Use a Professional Web Editor

You might have noticed that most text editors have a built-in proofing tool that corrects basic spelling and grammar. But the problem is that such free tools miss a lot of errors and don’t teach you about the mistakes you’ve made. Hence, you should focus on professional online editors like Grammarly and Hemingway instead. These tools do not only help you identify your errors but also explain how to correct them.

2. Read Classic Literature

It’s not a secret that the best writers are keen readers. In fact, regular reading is a great way to enhance your writing skills. But if it’s not about blog posts on the web. To become a better writer, you should choose more challenging material. Additionally, you need to pay special attention to sentence structure, word choice, and how the content flows.

3. Practice every single day

When it comes to refining any type of skills, you must be disciplined. Practice writing on a daily basis and make it a habit. There is no need to create something complicated, easy-to-read blog posts and short articles would be enough. You can also commit to Morning Pages, writing down a stream of your consciousness by hand.

4. Start Writing Essays to Improve Your Writing

Another great way to boost your writing skills is essay writing. If you don’t know what to begin with, then choose a topic you are interested in and create a series of essays about it. Most importantly, pick a subject you are really passionate about, so you will enjoy this activity. By the way, in case you want to get feedback on your work, you can go to and ask experts to fix your essay. This way, you will see your mistakes and learn about your areas of improvement.

man sitting at the table with his laptop

5. Read Your Texts Out Loud

A good final test for your content is reading it out loud. Even though you have written everything absolutely grammatically correct, your text might sound unnatural. If any part of your writing is difficult to say out loud, you should improve it for better clarity.

6. Visit a Workshop

Joining a writing workshop can be very exciting. But apart from having fun, you will definitely learn new things there. To attend such events, you don’t need to have an unfinished novel. There are a lot of content marketing meet-ups nowadays, so you can benefit from them as well.

7. Imitate your favorite writers

Imitation doesn’t mean that you should plagiarize someone. It can have bad consequences for you, so never rip off anyone’s work. But you can identify what you enjoy about others’ work and use it in your own writing.

8. Don’t Make Edits while Writing

Don’t even try to make your text perfect at once. Editing while writing is a huge mistake as being obsessed about spelling, word order and outcome can ruin your creativity. The only thing you should focus on is getting your thoughts out on paper. However, if you can’t stop correcting the mistakes, use some dictation software.

9. Create a Set of Templates

If you are writing for commercial purposes and your content always has a similar structure, create templates for it. They are not only timesavers but also very effective tools that can boost your productivity. Besides, your text will look perfectly organized.

woman working on a laptop

10. Find a Writing Buddy

As human beings, we all need support in everything we do to achieve extraordinary results. Although writing is usually thought of as a solitary activity, it’s better done in a team. Find somebody who also wants to hone their skills and help each other. You can ask your partner to set interesting tasks for you and give comments on your work. This will provide you with a fresh view, which is a must for self-development.

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Restock Your Kitchen with Satisfying Storage Ideas for Black Friday 2021

By | source: Nov 17th, 2021

An organized kitchen can be the most appealing and satisfying thing. Sales are around the corner and there is an extensive list to buy. If you are waiting for a long time to have all that you want then the right time is approaching. You’ll find this storage wishlist to be useful as you will find all that you need.

I find organized storage to be oddly satisfying. The beautiful arrangement of colors and best utilization of spaces to be calming. But to make my storage essential purchases budget-friendly I wait for this time at the year-end to restock all the necessary storage items from the best Homestore through Ashley Furniture Promo Code.

When it comes to home essentials I completely trust Ashley as they provide premium quality material at their best price.

When we step into the kitchen we feel like entering into a whole world of colors and objects. To arrange them you need a diverse as well as an extensive range of containers to store them.

Fridge Organizers

You will find a wide variety of fridge organizers to store different products. The most amazing one which I like the most is the beverage organizer as you can easily grab your drink without disturbing or dislocating items from your fridge.

  • Storage Baskets
  • Plastic boxes
  • Eggs holder
  • Vegetable and fruits baskets
  • Milk container
  • Silicon lid covers

By making an arrangement that is clean and appealing not only relaxes your mind while the advance of technology makes the food stay longer as the containers help to slow down the ripening process and you get greater utility in consuming them as food stays fresh for a longer period.

Currently because of technical advancement companies have also made improvements and made fridges that keep food fresh for longer and have built-in storage containers to give the customer complete ease. But if you don’t have such a fridge, you can also get the best containers in the black Friday sale!

fridge storage

Kitchen table with Storage

The most useful amazing thing that I have found on the internet in 2021 is this kitchen table that has storage along with it. I get stressed out while stocking drinks and beer bottles on the shelf as they easily get broken while taking them out. By having this table they can keep glasses, drinks, bottles, and any other thing I desire to have while having any meal. Easy, quick, and handy!

In my friend’s opinion, it’s the best thing while partying as anyone can make the drinks at ease. The crockery below it provides the comfort of not getting interrupted while having food with the family.

kitchen table with storage

Wooden Storage box

Keeping the environment in concern and switching towards eco-friendly products is the need of the hour. If we want our future generation to get all the resources and facilities we have today, then we need to adopt eco-friendly products so that our generation can enjoy the life we are enjoying.

Wooden storage boxes look very attractive and are safe to use. According to a survey natural cedar, teak wood and redwood containers are safer to use in comparison with other container materials.

wooden storage box

Storage Ottoman

Ottoman storage can be the most modern yet antique way of storing things as they can be utilized for seating purposes as well as storage purposes at the same time. They look so beautiful in the living lounge and easily fit in any part of the house. You can pick them in a plain solid color or beautiful abstracts or traditional ottoman prints. I usually keep kids’ toys and playing items in the ottoman so that they can easily play with them and wind it up once done.

storage ottoman

Lockable storage box

There are many things that we desire to keep in the lock. It can be anything. Most of the time we try to save our shoes when we are traveling as being barefooted is the most troublesome. Coming summer I am planning to travel abroad and I badly need to have lockable storage boxes as they are multipurpose. I can keep shoes in these, I can keep my makeup in them so that my expensive makeup might not get ruined. Moreover, I can keep liquid bottles such as contact solutions, shampoo, oiling bottles, makeup remover, and toner, or any other thing that might be prone to leak. I have found it to be most useful for many aspects.

Mini Fridge storage cabinet

The most useful and amazing thing that I found at my mate place you a mini fridge storage cabinet. The feature that I liked the most is that I can keep my food stock just along with the fridge so that I can keep a check when my supplies are running out. I can have what I want whether a chilled beverage or at room temperature. You can keep a microwave oven or toaster at the top. You can even make it a cutting place where you can easily chop your veggies by standing up straight.

Other than that you can store cereals, snacks, munchies, crackers, and all that you want. I have short-listed some of the places from where I will surely get a mini fridge storage cabinet for myself.

 Spices Mason Jars

Women find spices to be the most interesting as well as difficult thing to differentiate. Spices have their unique texture and aroma that is needed to be preserved so that whenever needed we can get the spices fresh and ready to use to make the meal delicious. Storing them in mason jars is the new thing and labeling them can make your daily cooking quick and convenient.

These were some of the items that I am surely going to buy this Black Friday Sale. If you are planning to create your wish list you can also add these useful and handy items to help you carry-out you’re your daily routine activities.

spice rack wooden storage