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Thinkific Review: Which Course Platform Is Best?

By | source: Sep 10th, 2015

The idea that quality education can only be found in the classroom has changed radically. Low cost and convenience continue to make online learning popular with students. Even before the pandemic hit, the online education empire was projected to be a $350 billion industry by 2025. As a result, there are a wide range of online learning platforms available to help build educational courses.  

What Is Thinkific?

Thinkific is an online course platform designed to create, document, and track educational classes. Known as a learning management system (LMS), Thinkific makes online learning content possible. It can also be used to create courses for continuing education, professional development, and for skilled employees. Thinkific serves a wide range of users from the teacher looking to offer an online coursework option for a class to the business owner seeking to build and grow their online education company.


Onlne school

What Does Thinkific Offer

Thinkific has a scalable platform that can be used for small cohorts to courses with hundreds of attendees. With no technical or design experience necessary, users can easily create on-demand or live classes. As long as students have an internet connection, this cloud-based solution is accessible.  Other notable Thinkific features include.  

User-friendly platform: With drop-and-drag building capabilities, Thinkific makes it easy to add content, create quizzes, and upload video files.  

Promotional tools: Thinkific comes with a suite of marketing tools to help promote your online courses. Users can easily display their online class offerings on a website designed for education. The platform handles third-party integrations with CRM systems, mailing lists, and outside websites. 

Payment options: Users can accept payments from more than 100 countries. Thinkific gives users the ability to set up memberships or subscriptions, accept coupons, offer free classes, and allow for a monthly payment plan.  

Student tools: Thinkific helps improve student engagement with its long list of tools to track their progress. With the student dashboard, they can interact with communities and print out completion certificates. Content creators can monitor student enrollment and student progress, as well as engage in student discussions. 

Robust customer support: With help only a phone call or email away, content creators spend their time teaching, instead of fixing connection or usability problems.  

Thinkific Benefits

The online learning creator will find many benefits with the Thinkific online platform. 

  • With its wide array of customizable tools, it is easy to build a course around your content.  The program has a handy feature to add video lessons, audio files, and PDF documents. 
  • The basic plan is free. This is a good choice for teachers who are looking for an inexpensive way to teach a small group or content creators just starting out. Unlike other platforms, Thinkific does not charge a transaction fee. 
  • Thinkific is scalable. The online learning platform can accommodate small classes with a few students or courses that attract thousands of attendees.  The ability to scale its size is particularly useful for a growing online education company. 
  • Users can improve student retention by offering bundles of courses, memberships, and subscription-based plans. 

Online courses

Cons of Thinkific

Users noted a handful of drawbacks when using Thinkific. 

  • Completion certificates looked basic and plain. Given the technical nature of online courses, the design of the certificates of completion seemed out of date. 
  • Thinkific does not have a mobile app. In addition, the graphics are not mobile friendly. 
  • Video uploads can be slow or cannot handle larger files. 


Online course creators have a choice of four different pricing options. Each pricing plan comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. 

  •  Under the Free Plan, you can create quizzes, surveys, and limited courses. The plan comes with such core features as email support and is available for unlimited students. 
  • The Basic Plan adds unlimited courses and live chat support for $49 per month. Basic features include email communication and integration with third-party sites, such as Constant Contact, affiliate reporting, and the ability to use coupons. 
  • The Pro Plan costs $99 per month and allows for up to five course authors or administrators. This plan allows students to make a one-time payment, setup a payment plan, or choose a subscription package. The Pro Plan comes with additional features such as advanced customization and the ability to sell memberships. 
  • The Premier Plan is designed for those looking to build an online course business. For a monthly $499 fee, the Enterprise Plan lets you sell courses to organizations, bulk enroll students, and send bulk emails to students through the dashboard. It offers five site admin accounts and up to 50 course authors.  

The company also offers a Plus Plan for bigger enterprises or companies with a large volume of students. In addition, Thinkific gives a discount off the rates above if you sign up and pay for an annual subscription.  


online school


Alternatives to Thinkific

Udemy generally does not offer as much flexibility in creating your own course. You can create a separate website and brand your course separately from Udemy.

Teachable is a powerful alternative that does offer subdomains, though they still feature the teachable brand.

oline courses


Should I Choose Thinkific Software?

If you have an online education company or are looking to start one, Thinkific software may be a good fit. The platform makes it easy to set up and customize online classes. With its drop-and-drag capability, you do not need to be a programmer or designer to create exciting course content online.  However, if a mobile app is essential, Thinkific may not meet your needs. 

With a handful of pricing options, users can pick a plan that best fits their activity. With its free plan, users can create basic online classes, surveys, and quizzes. If your company seeks a more robust online course platform, Thinkific offers a series of premium plans with a range of features such as an analytics platform, admin dashboard, email marketing integrations, and a bulk student emailer. 

As students continue to embrace the learning revolution brought about by online classes, Thinkific may be a good option for your remote education classes.  

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Online Casino Reviews 101: Industry Secrets Revealed

By | source: Dec 7th, 2022

Online casino sites are taking over the casino industry. And how wouldn’t they? iGaming (that’s another word for online gambling) is more accessible than ever and delivers thousands of games straight to your fingertips at a reasonable price. There are as many players who want to switch to online gaming, as there are online casinos. 

Even so, more doesn’t always equal merrier. Anna Rosak, a digital marketing expert specializing in Legalne kasyna online w Polsce (or simply Legal Polish casinos, if you prefer it in English) says the mere number of online gaming sites can be quite overwhelming even for experienced casino gamers. 

“They all have sleek platforms, generous bonuses, and great gaming galleries, so it is easy to get lost in the woods. The only way of coming out of it, is by reading expert reviews, written by people who know how to read the fine print and research all the online nooks and crannies”, says Rosak. 

To help our readers find the right online casino for them, she created a list of criteria, used in high-quality reviews. 

License and Safety

“You can play with $10 or with $1,000, but no matter how big of a deposit you make, always be sure to play with a licensed casino”, advises Anna. The logic behind her advice holds up pretty well: licensed casinos are obliged to implement higher levels of customer protection, more transparency, and higher levels of fairness. 

“A regulated casino can lose its license at any point. They are closely audited by industry watchdogs, who don’t hesitate from making their findings public. On the other hand, an unregulated casino can disappear tomorrow, along with your money and private information”, explains Rosak and suggests always double-checking the license. 


Gaming Portfolio

Another important element to any casino review is the list of games. According to Anna Rosak, any decent online casino should have at least 1,000 games, powered by reputable gaming suppliers, companies that create casino titles. 

“You want more variety than you think you need, plus a constant stream of new titles. Professionals who write reviews make sure the casino has slot machines, roulette, blackjack, poker, and even scratch cards. Special attention is dedicated to live casino gaming, as it tends to be the most popular kind among hip young gamers”, Anna told. 

If possible, she recommends playing games in demo mode. 


Bonuses and Promotions

Bonuses and promotions are marketing incentives created to attract new customers and keep them engaged. They come in all shapes and sizes, from no deposit bonuses, to elaborate welcome packages that span multiple deposits. Rosak reveals that reviewers take a look at the amounts one can get in the bonus, and make sure it corresponds to the required minimum deposit. However, there is also a catch: 

“What is even more important than the bonus amount, are bonus rules. Reviewers always take a look at the wagering requirement, contributing games and all other aspects of playing the bonus to make sure it’s all fair.” 


Mobile Gaming

“Mobile gaming is a must, whether it be on a mobile app or via the mobile site. There is just no way for me to accentuate this enough – you’ll probably play more on your mobile phone than you think”, Anna is open. She reveals many players kick off their journey thinking they will play only on desktop, yet they quickly switch to mobile gaming once they see all the benefits of it. 

“Accessibility, convenience, a great way to kill time, instant access to deposits and withdrawals, redeeming the latest bonuses… There is nothing a good casino mobile app can’t do, so make sure you get a good one”, advises the expert. 



“Before you start gaming and winning, you have to make a deposit. And once you win, you’ll want to make a withdrawal. Do you see why payment methods listed at an online casino matter”, asks Anna and continues, “Demo gaming is fun, but real money bets bring bonuses and real payouts, so, to each their own.” 

The expert says pro-reviewers like it when a casino has a nice variety of methods, includes both classic ones and more modern options, and enables fast and cost-efficient transactions. 


Customer Support

In the end, every responsible review and gamer will test the casino’s customer support. “It’s all butterflies, unicorns and rainbows until things start going downhill. By that, I don’t mean in winning, but it is no secret even the most advanced websites may experience difficulties”, reveals Rosak, “You want to have friendly customer support at your disposal. One that is knowledgeable and is not trying to avoid answers to burning questions.” 


In her opinion, support should be available 24/7 and via multiple channels: “God save us all from emails and phone calls! Live chat, WhatsApp, Telegram and other immediate means of communication are the way to go!” 

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Mobile Games Critics Love

By | source: Dec 6th, 2022


If you went back around a decade, it would probably have been the case that most people still preferred to game on console and PC. But, as time has progressed, more people than ever are now gaming on mobile. Not only have smartphones come a long way in terms of their capabilities, but so have the games themselves, and there are some that critics are huge fans of.


Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO is one of the very few mobile games that has remained popular even though it’s been around since 2016, which is one of the reasons it’s a big hit with players. Another reason is that there is nothing better than an innovative game that breaks tradition, which is precisely what Pokemon GO does. It’s a game that utilises augmented reality, which allows players to explore real life as Pokemon trainers. So, effectively, players would explore their real-life surroundings and hunt for Pokemon who would randomly appear, thanks to AR.

Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah, a video slot, may seem a bit of a surprise inclusion, but hear us out. Playing online slot games on your mobile has long been the norm, largely because many iGaming developers are now mobile-focused. But Mega Moolah is exceptional, and you will get the impression that this is the case from the title. Microgaming, the developers of Mega Moolah, in creating this game, actually produced a slot that is renowned for turning some lucky winners into millionaires. Imagine just how fun it’d be to spin the reels of a slot, while also having an opportunity to win life-changing amounts of money. It’s why it’s a critic’s choice.

Fortnite Mobile

What critics are also massive fans of are games that are on-trend or ones that capitalise on trends. And, as everyone will know, battle royale titles have been all the rage for a number of years. Now, there are quite a few battle royale games that have made it onto mobile and done well. But it’s Fortnite that gets the nod from the critics, arguably because it was a worldwide phenomenon when it hit console, and that success transferred to mobile, as it gave players a chance to play the game, alongside friends, on the go. It’s a port that really hit the spot and is highly regarded as a result.

Alto’s Odyssey

Some games are a thing of beauty and catch the eye for this reason, with Alto’s Odyssey one of those to tick that box with aplomb. But it isn’t a game that is all about the visuals. It plays well too, and is one of the greatest runners of all time. Perhaps the combination of great visuals and exciting gameplay has caught the eye of critics for all the right reasons. But, when you factor in that everything that happens is incentive and reward-driven, you realise that the standout feature of Alto’s Odyssey is that it keeps you coming back for more.

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The History Behind US Student Communities

By | source: Nov 25th, 2022

(alt = ‘students are happy before lesson’, source =


US student communities are special men’s and women’s organizations, they are literally called “brotherhoods” and “sisterhoods”, since the students included in them have certain rights and are subject to the charter of their community.


These organizations have been successfully operating in the universities of North America for about 3 centuries. In Europe, there are similar student organizations – student corporations, designed to organize young people into organizational groups for a more productive and fun life and study at universities.


Student communities in the United States, as a rule, have a name consisting of Greek letters and are divided into women’s and men’s. 


How to join a US community?

But joining one of the US communities is not so easy. First of all, one must have some financial position in order to be able to make fraternal dues and pay for their living in special campuses assigned to the community.


There were cases when for this it was necessary to walk naked around the campus or drink sour milk. But the desire of candidates to join the student community is so great that, despite the obvious health risk, they are ready to make even less of such sacrifices. 


The first student society was called “Fi. Beta. Kappa. It included people who were very popular at that time – writers, politicians, poets, etc.


There is a place in US student communities and strict laws, failure to comply with which can lead to expulsion not only from the community, but also from the educational institution. It is desirable to show progress in studies, no one likes stupid people. By the way, performance must be shown everywhere. So, sometimes students use essay writing service cheap to help them with homework.


For example, if a member of the student body is seen drunk in their fraternity uniform, they may be kicked out of the association. It is believed that by showing up drunk in a fraternity uniform, you are disregarding the values ??of your community, which means that such people have no place among the brothers. Therefore, such a student is expelled from the community, and for sure, no other student will want to accept him.

The most prestigious communities 

Being a member of Phi Beta Kappa is a huge honor that many students, now both men and women, aspire to receive. All participants must indicate this experience in their resumes, and potential employers check the information at the national office. Getting into such a prestigious society is not easy. For example, at the George Washington University in Phi Beta Kappa, they only take a very high average score – at least 3.7 out of 4.0. 


In addition, knowledge of a foreign language and a successfully completed course in mathematics or statistics are required. If you want to ask for professional’s help with college assignments, look for online writing services like


The first officially registered student association was the Chi Phi fraternity. It opened at Princeton University on December 24, 1824, the eve of Catholic Christmas. The founders declared the main principles of the community to be truth, honor and integrity of the individual.


Later, similar organizations began to multiply rapidly throughout the country. Students wanted to unite to stimulate each other’s ambitions, to encourage the highest manifestations of courage, to develop leadership qualities, responsibility and composure.

Why should one join one of the US communities?

Fellowship provides a lot of benefits – and it’s not just about parties at the end of the school week. Most importantly, networking is the basis of social interaction with peers. Most university students will only keep in touch with 4-6 really close friends. As soon as you join your brotherhood, you immediately get to know 30-40 new people who you could trust and make real friends with.


It has been proven time and time again that your chances of getting a job are higher if your future boss or hiring manager belongs to the same fraternity. 20 or 30 years ago, when social media and job sites like LinkedIn didn’t exist, fraternity connections were even more rewarding.


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How to Manage Funds at Online Casinos

By | source: Nov 12th, 2022

With the current popularity of technology and online things, there are also now online casinos available for gamblers to play without having to travel to casinos. But when online gambling, it is important to have a proper management plan for your funds.


Having a good money management plan can go a long way when gambling at online casinos. This article will explain how to manage your funds at online casinos properly.

1. Creating and Sticking to a Budget Plan

One of the most common things you should know when gambling is that you shouldn’t gamble more money than you can handle to lose. This is a very important rule to stick by when starting to gamble. Gambling is risky as there is little assurance that you will always come out as a winner. This is why you must never gamble amounts of money you can’t afford.


Before gambling, you should create a budget plan to familiarize yourself with the extent of your funds. Even if you have a winning streak, there are always big losses in every gambling session. The risk of losses shows why you should always remember to stick to a budget plan to avoid major financial problems.

2. Create a Gambling Schedule

Compared to playing casino games at real casinos, it is much easier and more enticing to gamble at online casinos. Because of this, it is necessary to have a schedule to stick by and acknowledge that gambling is only a special occasion. Only have specific days in a week where you should allow yourself to gamble online.


When creating a schedule, you should only increase the time of your sessions when your income from gambling is increasing rapidly. But if not, you should maintain discipline and control yourself from gambling online too much. If you gamble on a schedule, you may win more than you lose. If that’s the case, let’s hope you are at a fast payout casino to help get your winnings more quickly.

3. Don’t Gamble Using Emotions

When gambling, it is crucial that your emotional responses don’t overpower your logical reasoning. Especially when you have significant losses from gambling online, you should be logical and take a break from gambling instead of trying to win your losses back out of anger. While playing some more after losing may seem necessary, taking the logical course of action will be more beneficial down the road.

4. Always Withdraw your Winnings

When gambling, you can consider your money from this activity winnings when your losses do not outweigh your winning bets. When left with money that is pure profit, it means that the personal funds that you have initially invested are not at risk.


You should maintain your bankroll at the total you invested initially, showing that you display a smarter and more professional way of gambling. Withdraw the house’s money and use it to increase your original investment.


Online casinos offer a fun and convenient way for gamblers all over the world to earn some money. However, it may be more tempting to bet your money on these online casinos irresponsibly because of their convenience. As a gambler, you should always know how to be responsible and stick to a money management plan to ensure you don’t suffer significant financial losses.


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8 Reasons Why Poker Is About Skill

By | source: Nov 11th, 2022

Poker relies heavily on fortune whenever done for just a brief moment. It becomes more of a skill-based card game the further you participate. Generally, most participants would’ve played this game for a lesser period. The veteran players, however, might have invested a lot of time in this game.


Whether you’re less about skill and more about luck, you should look at the best roulette apps and give it a spin.

Reasons Why it is a Game of Skill

You must take steps to lessen the influence of chance within your match. By accomplishing this, you’ll provide yourself with greater power regarding your accomplishment.

1. Game of Chances

If you’ve ever played this card game, you know how significantly your hand differs from your rivals’ in terms of cards. There is no longer luck because cards can potentially impact the game’s outcome significantly. 


Certainly, there is still a minimal amount of short-term luck left. In the long run, however, the likelihood is always true.

2. Your Abilities Matter

Poker is a mastery game that grows more complex as players play additional rounds. The ability required for winning such cards might be 100% as the maximum count of cards dealt approached infinitely. This isn’t feasible, rationally speaking. On average, the chances will ultimately be to your advantage.

3. Anticipated Variables

You could utilize mathematics to your advantage in each game of poker and choice you make. Each anticipated value is the average, long-term value of that situation. Beneficial or bad outcomes are also possible.


It is irrelevant what the outcome of the present round is for evaluating predicted value. The overall worth of the circumstance is the sole factor that matters. A skilled player will eventually prevail in a given circumstance.

4. Difference in Playing Abilities

There are quality and terrible players in the game of poker. The choices they make during the game greatly impact how it turns out. Greater compared to a player who makes poor decisions, a player who can make better decisions.

5. Varying Rules

As you are aware, players must obey regulations in this game. Poker can’t be played without such regulations. Additionally, whenever regulations are established, they apply to every participant. Not many factors can change the game’s outcome because everyone must adhere to the regulations.

6. Starting Cards

Poker games involve a variety of events, many of which have an impact on the result. All players initially receive 2 cards for each round. Before proceeding, every player must make their initial choice—whether or not they’ll accept the pot.

7. Set of Cards

Each event at a poker game is foreseeable. The issue arises when it is necessary to consider many potential outcomes. Because there are so many decks with predetermined values, each hand has a wide range of potential results.

8. It Requires Patience

You must develop the ability to manage your feelings and maintain a composed mindset. Maintaining your composure is critical since breaking it will result in financial loss. You’ll need to practice that talent over time.


Luck isn’t a factor in every competition with regulations and elements. The argument is that anything could be quantified and that doing so is perfectly legal. Every player who doesn’t factor in probabilities would claim that poker is just a match of luck.