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Bloody Mess

By | source: Jul 20th, 2011

The wealth of crime scene investigation shows on TV can lead to delusions that one knows what goes on when the CSI team pulls up. With my combined knowledge culled from CSI (pick a city) and Dexter, I like to think of myself as an amateur forensic scientist, throwing around random facts about DNA evidence and blood spatter analysis. The real fact of the matter is I am next to clueless about the realities behind these fascinating subjects. The folks over at Forensic Nursing are doing their part to educate with todayâ??s infographic.

For any Dexter fans out there, this infographic breaks down what bloodstain pattern analysis (BPA) entails and how it works. BPA experts can examine the blood left at a crime scene and pinpoint the date and time of the crime as well as the type of weapon, among other things. The infographic also details the types of spatter, and how the analysis is made. [Via]