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How To Build A Successful Personal Brand Online

By | source:Here Nov 16th, 2018

70% of businesses look up applicants on social media, including a whopping 87% who check for your profile on LinkedIn. Creating a successful personal brand online takes work, but could land you your dream job.

Recruiters review your profiles on social media platforms. In fact, 6 in 10 employers won’t even contact you if they can’t find your online profiles after scanning your resume. If you want to stand out as a true professional, then Google yourself and see what comes up.

Some pitfalls of personal branding are lying about qualifications, provocative content, poor grammar, and unprofessional usernames. Everything you write online says something about yourself. Use your online profiles to demonstrate your creativity and ability to interact with others.

You can start improving your personal brand online today by deleting inappropriate content. Pay attention to what pages you follow and which posts you favorite or like. Companies use algorithms based on your social media footprint to predict sensitive information about your habits, like smoking or political views. Next set up a consistent bio and personal statement on each profile. Don’t forget to add a professional photo on all platforms.

A cohesive brand shows that you’re a business professional. Plus, you’re more likely to get a callback, or even better, receive offers from headhunters.