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Caffeinated Beverages and Your Health

By | source: Feb 14th, 2014

Currently, Iâ??m putting off writing a paper, studying for two tests, and memorizing a monologue. The only way Iâ??m going to get all of that done in the next several hours is with the help of several brief but impassioned pep-talks about how I need to study, get good grades, and earn a degree because money. Well, that and copious amounts of caffeine. This infographic breaks down the amount of sugar, calories, and caffeine in energy drinks, sodas, and coffee and lists some of the negative side-effects of drinking too much procrastination fuel. I was personally surprised to learn that there is just as much caffeine in a small coffee than in most energy drinks. I figured the only reason people would voluntarily drink Monsters was because there is so much more. What are y’all thinking?! Coffee is delicious!

It also lists the prices for each item, as well as debunking a myth I wasnâ??t even aware of — that apples contain caffeine. This isnâ??t the case, but there is as much sugar as most sodas. So, I suppose if you want to satisfy your sweet tooth youâ??re good. As far as energizing though, it looks like your best/least healthy bet is going to be a Full Throttle. Itâ??s pricey at $3 but you get 200mg of caffeine, the perfect amount to get your heart racing and get you just jittery enough that you canâ??t focus on anything for more than 30 seconds. Excellent. Now, get to studying!