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Cannabis Law: The Past, Present and Future

By | source:visually Oct 23rd, 2015

Cannabis, or marijuana opinion has been shifting sharply this last decade, so much so the plant has been completely legalized in three states. Many states have approved the use of medical marijuana and even more have decriminalized the plant in order to quell the rising number of non-violent offenders filling up our already overpopulated jails.

In a recent poll by gallup, 58% of Americans back legal marijuana use. That’s up more than 25% than just 15 years ago. As the trend continues more states will approve the recreational use of the drug. When the federal government will follow suite is another story. Based on other social issues, I’d say we’re about 10 years out from the feds ending cannabis prohibition.

Until then, many people will continue to suffer in states who don’t approve of the plant. Non-violent offenders will have their life ruined because they decided to smoke a joint. Young adults will struggle to get jobs, mothers and fathers will be punished by the system for enjoying something less harmful than beer. Legalization is just right around the corner, it just depends how far away that corner is.