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Celebrity Engagement Ring Rip Off: What They’re Really Worth

By | source: Aug 21st, 2014

My brother Jay, founder of Daily Infographic, is getting married just next week. Although it will be the greatest day of his life, the price tag for such an event isn’t cheap. Venues, catering, staffing, photography, and many more elements go into a modern wedding. These costs pile up, and without a good wedding planner, there is a chance you’ll get burned by the price.

The costs of a wedding start way before the big event. The first day you start to research engagement rings brings the reality of the sheer financial cost of a marriage. Spending thousands of dollars on a engagement ring is the norm nowadays. Getting the right price for the ring is another story. Today’s infographic takes a look at the ridiculous amount of money A-listers spend on engagement rings for their significant others.

Two of entertainment’s best each spent five million dollars on an engagement ring. Holy cow. Why not buy your spouse their own freaking island instead of a rock for their finger? I would much rather have 23 acres in the Pacific than an accessory.

I know there is a lot of meaning behind wedding bands, and finding the right one takes a lot of time and money. Do your research and make sure to get the most bling for your buck. [Brilliance]