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Cell Phone Etiquette Do’s and Don’ts

By | source:Here Jan 9th, 2021

We’ve all experienced that thoughtless person who yells down the phone in a public place or the “friend” who thinks it’s okay to check incoming messages in the middle of a conversation. How is it that usually polite people fail to understand that this is rude? Are we addicted to our phones?

Recently my daughter and I spent a morning at a local museum. We followed up with lunch at a small cafeteria close by. There were a few other diners inside. One, in particular, stood out from the crowd.

He was conducting his business loudly over his cell phone for more than half an hour. It was intrusive and very difficult for anyone else to have a decent conversation. This is not an isolated incident. It happens frequently in our homes, our offices and in public places. Many people raise their voices when speaking on their phones. They don’t leave the room so everyone else is subjected to their discussions. Still others will send text messages while in company.

It seems that the speed of technology has overtaken our ability to introduce standards of consideration for others. Perhaps we just don’t think about it, so this infographic is a useful tool for managing the way we conduct ourselves when it comes to cell phone etiquette.

While it deals with professional etiquette it can serve as a reminder of how we should consider others in all situations.