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10 Places To Retire With Less Than $200,000 In The Bank

By | source:Here Mar 23rd, 2018

The ultimate proof that you are now an adult? Instead of dreaming of vacation, you dream of the day you can retire.

Don’t deny it: we’ve all been there. So when exactly are you planning on quitting the job? I’m decades away from retirement, but I’m not sure I want to work until I’m 80! Decide when you want to retire, and avoid all the stress down the road.

Do you want to travel the world and become the envy of all your friends? Or would you rather stay put and help raise your grandkids? And, let’s be honest, will you be healthy while elderly, or will you need medical help?

All of these questions will affect the final number that you’ll need to save for your own retirement. Nevertheless, experts can give you an estimate, and it’s pretty expensive. You’ll be looking at around 1.2 million dollars for 30 years of retirement.

If you’re ready to say goodbye to a trusty 9-to-5 and your savings account isn’t ready, maybe you need to start looking elsewhere for your forever home. With mounting costs of living, more and more American retirees are stretching their funds by moving outside of the U.S., all without sacrificing quality of living.

You could retire for as little as $162,000 for 25 years if you choose your next home wisely. From Nicaragua to Belize or Portugal, the world is yours to choose from!