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Check Out These Genius Travel Hacks Before Your Next Vacation

By | source:Here Dec 29th, 2016

Getting ready for a girl’s weekend or bachelorette party soon? The packing and preparation can definitely be anxiety-inducing, which is why some people (myself included) save it for the last possible moment.

Thanks to the team at ChloBo, we have some genius tips for traveling. While the infographic is targeted toward women, people of all genders are bound to learn something.

If you’re looking for a way to get online without paying for WiFi, try checking social media. People will often share the Wifi passwords for hotels and airports.

Also, make sure you email yourself scans of your passport and important documents. If you get stranded without a physical copy, a scan could come in handy and save your trip.

If you’re a vacation over-packer and need some space,  try rolling your clothes instead of scanning them. You can also roll scarves around paper towel tubes to save some space, although packing less is the best way to avoid a too-heavy suitcase.

If you’ve ever gotten lost in a city and not had signal, this could be a lifesaver: Save sections of Google Maps to your phone for offline use, and you’ll be able to access them anytime.

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