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These Cleaning Hacks Will Save You Time & Energy

By | source:Here May 17th, 2018

The average American spends around an hour per day cleaning their house. That’s seven hours a week and more than 300 hours each year! Who wants to spend that much time scrubbing the tub?

Instead of cleaning for hours on end, you could be learning a new language, getting fit or working on your hobbies. One big thing that can make your life easier is taking a long, critical look at your current cleaning routine: Are you prioritizing efficiency when you make a cleaning schedule? Are you cleaning too much (or too little)?

Shake up your cleaning routine and see what can be done faster and better. If you’re cleaning room by room, try cleaning by chore instead. For example, vacuum your entire home at the same time. It will save you time and effort, and everything will get clean at once. Another great tip: have a regular schedule. That way you won’t get stuck spending the entire weekend cleaning up months worth of clutter. If you organize yourself and space everything evenly throughout the week, you will have a cleaner house and more free time to do as you please. To save you some time and effort, check out these useful cleaning hacks that will make cleaning a breeze.