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Color Psychology In Logo Design

By | source:OnlineLogoMaker Oct 2nd, 2015

There are thousands of companies marketing themselves to consumers (both prospective and returning) several times per day, all of them with their own unique logo. Even the simplest company logos have a high amount of thought and time put into them, from logos representing small businesses all the way to logos for colossal corporations. One of the most important aspects in choosing the symbol that will define your company, and thus the self-image that your are presenting to your prospective consumer, is not necessarily the design itself but rather its color.

The psychology behind color has been well documented. Red makes you hungry, pink rooms calm you down, and green is very tranquil, but today’s infographic investigates why certain logos use certain colors. By taking how our feelings associate with colors and applying it to a brand we have an unconscious connection to consumers.

Take a look at today’s graphic to get a better sense of what types of companies use what types of colours.