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Crafty Criminals: Top 7 Greatest Heists in History

By | source: Jun 22nd, 2013

For some reason, regardless of a person’s moral integrity, organized criminal activity has always been appealing to people. Whether it’s hearing about Italian mobsters in The Sopranos, or watching the booze-swinging bootleggers of Boardwalk Empire, people love to hear about the sly, smooth bad boys who found a way to beat the system.

Instead of following the fictitious escapades of TV and movie characters though, let’s take a look into some real, historically accurate heists that have occurred in the past 100 years.

For starters, take a look at a group of Brazilian thieves who went old-school and dug a hole straight into the vault room at a Brazilian bank in 2005, and walked away with $65 million. Or, an Italian nationalist who hid inside The Louvre overnight and walked out the front door the next day with the original Mona Lisa under his jacket!

Whether it’s an inherent attraction to what we can’t have, or if it’s just down right entertaining, crafty criminal heists will always catch the attention of every day people like you and me.

So, in the spirit of mischievously witty criminals, here is a list of seven of the greatest heists in history.

[Via] Who doesn’t love to hear about a bank robbery gone right for a change? [Via]