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15 Ways Millennials Are Changing How We Do Things

By | source:Here Aug 22nd, 2020

Millennials have been given a bad reputation in many media outlets from being blamed for “killing” off certain industries, to having an untraditional outlook on dating. Although there has been a proven shift in generational tendencies, there are many factors at play here.

Have you ever heard the phrase “millennials killed the department store”? That’s because many millennials prefer online shopping as opposed to going out to a mall or any sort of physical store. Millennials make 54% of their purchases online. To be fair though, websites like Amazon have taken over the retail game and many generations prefer online shopping nowadays.

Many of these statistics make perfect sense. Millennials consume almost half of all wine in the United States, and they prefer it in cans and in twist-off caps instead of the traditional corked bottle. This could be due to the typically lower pricing of these types of wine, and newer trends in the wine market.



However, there are some interesting statistics regarding millennial consumption though which have no hard reasoning behind them. For example, the statistic that 86% of millennials use paper towels instead of napkins.  It makes sense though, who buys napkins anymore?

Millennials are given a bad name because they are not consuming in the same way their parent generations have before, and some industries have yet to adapt to a new consumer market. Read on to find out how millennials differ from their older counterparts in other areas.