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Cyber Security for Family and Teens

By | source:familyorbit Dec 29th, 2015

The internet is a very vast place where parental boundaries are hard to make. In today’s internet culture of cyberbullying, sexting, social media addiction and inappropriate content it has never been so hard to censor what your child is exposed to. Today’s graphic will give insight on these subjects and help with finding solutions if you find your child being exposed to the harsh sides of the web.

Cyberbullying has been a hot topic for a few years. It has inspired movies and the sad stories of victims have filled our social media streams. For me growing up, cyber bullying wasn’t too rampant. Sure, sometimes kids would make fun of someone in an AOL chatroom, but the victim could always dissasociate themselves from the internet. Nowadays the internet is engrained in our culture. There is no escape.

Another big issue facing our youth, and arguably every age group has problems with is social media addiction. I know we all spend too much time on social media, but some people are obsessed, especially teens. Try to get them unglued from their screen for a few hours a day. Those minutes spending time in the here-and-now can be priceless.

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