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How To Declutter Your Email Inbox

By | source:Here Feb 6th, 2019

Are you completely overwhelmed by your inbox? If you feel like every day is a race against the clock, email triage might be the answer to your problems.

So what exactly is email triage? It’s a structured way to process your emails. You could call it a productivity technique, useful for exploading work inboxes or personal. It’s a way to make effective and fast decisions about what to do with all the messages in your inbox.

The name comes from the term, emergency room triage. This is a basic scan that classifies patients in the state they come in according to the urgency of their treatment. Yep, that’s the reason your mild cough won’t get help until the nurses are finished with that traffic accident and the lady in labor.

For your email, this means looking at your inbox from an urgency perspective. Ask yourself which emails need an instant response and which ones can wait until later in the day.

Email triage can effectively lower the stress a full email inbox has on you, as well as improving your ability to focus on the people that actually deserve your attention. In the end, it will bring clarity and peace into your work life. Are you ready for it? Check out today’s infographic for everything you need to know to triage your inbox right now.