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Just Keep Swimming: Learn More About The Ocean’s Depths

By | source:Here Apr 18th, 2018

When you’re relaxing on a beach, you may just think of the water as a place to splash around in, but our oceans are also a fascinating place for in-depth exploration. Something I’ve always wondered is how deep we can actually dive. Thankfully, today’s infographic explores the ocean’s depths. The recommended depth for scuba divers is 328 feet. This is to make sure that the oxygen in their breathing tanks doesn’t become toxic. This depth is the equivalent of two Olympic-size swimming pools.

The deepest recorded dive with scuba gear was around 1,100 feet by Ahmed Gabr. This dive was made in 2015, and is said to be the height of the Eiffel Tower. The length comes out to that of an aircraft carrier.

The deepest dive recorded by an animal was by the Cuvier beaked whale, a mammal found in almost all of the world’s oceans. This whale was able to dive as deep as about 9,800 feet. That’s the equivalent of nine Eiffel Towers.

The depths of the ocean have always been a mystery to me until now, and I wish that humans were able to dive that deep to discover the wonders in the deep blue seas. There’s so much to explore, which is why you should check out our infographic about the largest sea creatures.