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How to Determine Your Learning Style

By | source:Pounds to Pocket Aug 19th, 2018

Find out what learning style serves you and use it to your advantage to learn new skills efficiently.  Your learning style is your approach to learning based on your preferences, as well as strengths and weaknesses. Establish your style by following this flowchart, then develop better ways to absorb information.

  • Reading/writing learners prefer to read and write rather than listen. They enjoy reading books and can follow written directions with ease.
  • Visual learners prefer maps and diagrams instead of verbal directions.
  • Auditory learners prefer verbal directions and enjoy working in groups and discussing information. They remember by listening, find it difficult to work quietly, and often read with whispering lip movements.
  • Kinetic learners learn best when taking a hands-on approach and benefit from fieldwork and demonstrations. Furthermore, they need to move, tap or swing a leg to stay focused.
  • Finally, there are people without a specific style that suits them best, and they are called multimodal learners.

Next time you have a task in front of you that requires a lot of learning in a limited amount of time, find the proper types of resources to help you reach your goals faster. You may not fit perfectly into one category, so mix and match, and discover what works best for you, and learn quicker, not harder.

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