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Does Your Speech Need Decluttering?

By | source:Here Mar 2nd, 2019

Minimalism is all the rage and has been for a few years now. Did you know you can apply the same principles to the way you express yourself?

It turns out; our wording is usually as cluttered as our closet. Sometimes, it’s even worse. What does it mean when we talk about cluttered words or phrases? Basically, these are the types of phrases that don’t really mean anything or add any value whatsoever to whatever thing you’re saying in that exact moment in time and space. See what I did there?

A decluttered way of expressing yourself allows people to understand you better and forces you only to say what is necessary to convey a message. And heaven knows we could all use a bit less blabber-jabber and more meaningful conversations.

This is especially true for written messages: the more concise you are, the easier it will be for others to understand and the more efficient your interactions will be. Say no to those senseless emails that don’t say anything at all!

Check out today’s infographic by the GrammarCheck team: they feature 20 words and phrases that clutter your vocabulary and should only be used when necessary. Embrace minimalism and enjoy!