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Earth’s 11 Most Deadly Viruses

By | source:Here Sep 1st, 2020

Viral infections are microscopic parasites that infect the human body. Today’s infographic takes a closer look at some of these.

Today’s infographic covers a topic that we are all too familiar with (especially recently), that being viral infections. More specifically, it covers the eleven deadliest viral infections on the planet.

A viral infection or virus is a microscopic parasite that is generally much smaller than bacteria. While they cannot thrive and reproduce outside of a host body, this is often not a problem for them as these viruses can force their way into an organism’s body and enter susceptible cells. As COVID-19 continues to change our lives day after day, the importance of being informed on viral infections has increased tenfold.

Some of the viruses in this infographic are ones you are likely very familiar with, such as rabies, HIV, and influenza. With that being said, there is still plenty of more information to consume from this infographic as it provides facts and tips for treating these viruses.

Furthermore, this also covers viral infections that are a bit less-known, such as hantavirus and rotavirus.

It is imperative that the average person has a solid grasp of viral infections–especially in unprecedented times such as right now–so be sure to take a look and read through this valuable information!