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Easy Guide To Calculating Bottles Needed For Your Wine Party

By | source:Here Mar 5th, 2019

If you are planning a wine party, there is an easy equation to buying the perfect amount of bottles, so that nothing goes wasted.

In fact, buying BIG makes more sense if you are serving more than three people at your gathering.

Not only does buying a few 1.5L to 18L bottles save you more money than buying several bottles of your standard 750mL bottles, the wine in large-format containers ages longer, and therefore, it tastes better.

The formula is simple, multiply the number of guests by the ounces you need per hour, and multiply that by the pours per hour and the number of hours of your party, and divide it by the number of ounces per bottle.

For example, one 6L bottle, which is eight standard bottles of wine, serves 41 glasses of wine. Therefore, one large bottle covers 20 guests for two hours. That makes for a darn good deal.

Don’t forget this handy infographic next time you host a gathering of friends for some vino, and consider large-format bottles when you do.  Wine is often great when paired, for a satisfying meal.

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