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How Emojis Can Revamp Your Marketing Strategy

By | source:Here Oct 23rd, 2019

We love to use them in our daily conversations, so why not add them to your marketing campaigns? Here’s the latest tea on the relationship between emojis and marketing.

More than adding color and personality to your messages, emojis can be the key to sprucing up your social media outreach.

Because they have become such an important part of our digital interactions, incorporating emojis into your digital strategy can have a positive impact on your metrics.

Data doesn’t lie: click-through, open rates, and overall more engagement are just some of the benefits of using emojis to connect with clients.

According to Hubspot, when emojis were present Tweets got 25% more engagement, while FB boasted almost 60% more likes, and 33% more comments and shares. Emails and push notifications even show better responses just from a little smiley face!

So what exactly makes emojis such an effective marketing move? For starters, they are everywhere. It makes your brand look connected with contemporary issues.

On the other hand, they also help to add nuance to your messages. Online marketing can become dry. An easy way to convey emotions without turning every post into a full-blown essay is by adding a carefully placed emoji. Even the smiling poop one can give your message the extra oomph needed to intrigue your customers.

Are you interested in revamping your digital marketing strategy with emojis? Check out today’s infographic!