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Epic 4G vs iPhone 4 vs Droid 2

By | source: Aug 16th, 2010

Mobile devices have evolved so fast in the last few years. I remember when I got a camera in my cell I was in awe. Soon the full keyboard became popular and now not only can you send out an e-mail from your phone, but 5 other people can too using wireless internet from your phone.

There is one problem that no mobile company has a fix to, or is trying to fix. Kids who take their phone out in the movie theater. Seriously, you got a text, so it obviously isn’t important because they didn’t bother to call. Let it be. You can tell your mom if you’re going to be home for dinner after the movie. Or if you are really worried, step outside to check it.

I went to go see Inception and this kid was playing Pokemon in the seat in front of me. We all were talking amongst ourselves about how he should turn it off. I’m sure he could hear us.  I guess he was just bustin’ out the ignore card. I had to yell at him to get him to put it away. I’m pretty sure he said some french to his friend about me after that. Like I’m the one who was disruptive…

With all this new technology and pinpoint GPS in our phones, if the phone knows you are in the proximity of a movie theater it should just turn off your phone. At the least it should turn it off if you are under 18, and your phone should self destruct if you are under 13, especially if you have one of these phones. [Via]