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Essential Vitamins and Minerals

By | source: Mar 5th, 2013

Let’s talk about health. For just a minute here. Because its not like we all want to spend our busy days chatting about vitamins and minerals. But someone has to bring it up! So I will. I’m here to give you your daily dose of vitamins, or at least inspire you to get more of the good stuff in your diet.

Today’s infographic details the essential vitamins and minerals, how to detect a deficiency and where you can find them. You can get the usual line up in your eggs (vitamin D), oranges (vitamin C), and milk (calcium). Zinc may be a bit harder to find, as the suggested food is oysters. I will be opting out of oysters every time, and am thankful that my multivitamin can pick up the slack. One of my resolutions this year is to eat a more balanced diet, and this infographic will start acting as my vitamin and mineral checklist. Do you eat a well rounded, vitamin and mineral rich diet? Or at a least try to and often fail, like I do? Let’s start eating healthier together! [Via]