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Top 10 Myths Surrounding Apps for Events

By | source:Here Dec 12th, 2019

Some of these you have definitively heard of, even aside from apps used for holding events and the news surrounding them.

Mobile apps are used every single day, and not just by youngsters! I bet your father and maybe even grandfather have a smartphone device and use it to check out the weather forecast or news, instead of reading a paper version of a newspaper.

This isn’t changing anytime soon either! Technology is just evolving with the percentage of smartphone users, and thus mobile app users, continuously rising! So these ten myths are quite interesting to hear about.

Personally, Myth number 7 came as a bit of a surprise! One may think building an app is difficult, but after a tiny bit of research, it turns out it can be done quite easily! You’d be quite surprised. There are many guides on the internet on how to do it from scratch, and sometimes (with the help of OTHER apps) it can be done without any programming know-how!

All of this just makes me want to try it out and build my own app so I can notify people of upcoming events or something. Huh… Maybe I’ll do that. Save paper, save our planet!

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