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Evolution of Creative

By | source: Jun 25th, 2013

While I greatly appreciate my iPhone and its many self-computing functions, I have never taken the time to trace my gratitude back as far as Leonardo da Vinci or even as far as prehistoric cave drawings. According to this awesome infographic put together by The BOSS Group, I have many more to thank than just Steve Jobs.

The creative process would not have begun had people not had an intrinsic desire to communicate with one another. Over time we have discovered and invented new ways to relay information to increasingly larger groups of people. By inventing printing and computing methods we have increased the need for creative workers in virtually every field. Without the creative side of organizations, the first Macintosh would not have been introduced, brand management would not be possible, and communication through beautiful imagery would cease to exist.

The BOSS Group is an award-wining creative staffing firm for interactive, creative and marketing talent. They’ve been supplying temporary, temp-to-hire, direct hire, and managed services solutions to leading organizations across virtually every industry sector for 25 years. Check out the evolution of creative, and wish them a happy birthday! [via]