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How History’s Most Famous Figures Died

By | source:Here Jun 7th, 2020

Throughout history, there are those truly memorable figures (both good and bad) who will be remembered historically forever.

Today’s infographic chronicles the deaths of many famous figures from over the years. The infographic includes their total lifespan, the age they lived until, and their cause of death. For some of the figures, they are also accompanied by a bar that shows their life in comparison to the average lifespan of their time.

It’s quite interesting to see who was able to grow into old age and who died fairly early in their lives. For example, we see people like Nikola Tesla and Pablo Picasso living to 80-90+ (far above the average for their time periods), meanwhile, we see people like Alexander the Great and Martin Luther King Jr. not even be able to reach the 40s club.

One trend I personally noticed was that those who brought in great social change (good and bad) tended to die earlier, whether it be because they became a target or because their way of life simply wasn’t conducive to a long lifespan. This includes figures like MLK, Alexander The Great, and Napoleon. On the other hand, figures like inventors and philosophers (Picasso, Newton, Tesla) tended to live longer lifespans. I can only assume this is likely due to the nature of how they became so famous, as they are famous for endeavors that didn’t necessarily threaten their lives at any point.

Read through the rest of the infographic to see if you can notice a trend of your own and to become more informed on how some of the most famous people to ever exist died.