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Fascinating Facts On The Psychology Of Social Media

By | source:Here Oct 3rd, 2018

Do you find yourself engrossed on social media while time slips away? Do you repeatedly check your Instagram or Facebook feed? 

You’re not alone! Social media platforms are fantastic for connecting people, having fun, meeting new people and exploring different cultures. 78% of people share on social media as a way to stay connected to others. However, the negative side shouldn’t be overlooked.

Of course, we’re talking about social media addiction. 60% of the women surveyed regarding their social media use reported feeling addicted. The problem is that our social media use turns into an out of control habit. 

As is the case with most fun things, you can easily find yourself spending too much time on social network platforms. The psychology behind social media is so astonishing that it will amaze you. 

Internet users spend around 135 minutes on average on social media daily, so you’re not the only one caught up in an online saga. Social media platforms, like Twitter or Facebook, stimulate the reward center of our brain. This euphoric sensation makes it difficult to say no. Use these tips to manage your time on social networks, but don’t forget what to share and not share and most importantly, how to use social media properly!