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Fatal Attraction: Cosmetics and Chemicals

By | source: Feb 7th, 2012

What girl doesn’t love makeup? Who doesn’t love having a flawless complexion, rosy cheeks, perfectly pink lips, and mile long lashes? Not to mention how much love we have for products. We love to smell good, feel soft and silky, and be primped to perfection. Although these products make you look great, American cosmetic companies are allowing harmful chemicals into our beloved products.

The cosmetic industry is self regulated and allows companies to include harmful chemicals, 89% of which have not been tested by the FDA. The aluminum in deodorant has been linked to Alzheimer’s disease and the application of deodorant may be linked to breast cancer. Deodorants are not washed off and the harmful chemicals can collect in the arm pit and upper breast area. Until the FDA begins to regulate deodorants, try natural alternatives that can be found at Swanson.

Lipstick contains more lead than the FDA’s upper limit for candy. Most women wear lipstick every day and the long term exposure can lead to DNA damage. The oxybenzone in sunscreen is linked to hormone disruption and cellular disease. Mothers need to be warned about the harmful chemicals in baby products such baby shampoo, bubble bath, hand soap and anti static spray.

Something needs to change. Because of my sensitive skin I use all natural products almost exclusively, but I will have to swap out some of my makeup products after reading this infographic. Until some changes are made in the government to increase regulations, you should try to buy all natural products. The Whole Foods beauty and bath department is fantastic, and Swanson Health Products is an online resource for natural products at reduced prices. Now that you have options you can adjust your beauty routine and exclude harmful chemicals. [Via]