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Finishing Touches: A Men’s Style Guide

By | source:FatBuddhaStore Jul 2nd, 2015

Male fashion has been a growing industry as the proliferation of online shopping continues to grow. Men don’t usually enjoy the act of shopping. The effort put forth by driving to the mall and trying on different styles and sizes just isn’t our thing. We’d rather have some threads delivered to our door and just mail back those we don’t like.

Besides actual clothing, accessories can help an outfit come together perfectly. Sometimes it is a good haircut, maybe a big beard or a well worn hat. Body modifications like tattoos and piercings can help attribute to an overall style as well.

The key to pulling off accessories well can be attributed to facial structure and body type, like how certain types of glasses will only look good on specific face shapes. Finally we touch on shoes. Arguably the most fly part of accessorizing. Men’s shoe designs could possibly be the most versatile part of a man’s wardrobe. I personally like a more classic look when it comes to shoes, but damn, Nike’s got some great kicks out recently that could change my mind.