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Flying Back in Time

By | source: Dec 5th, 2011

I don’t know if you have seen AMC’s brilliant show Mad Men, but it has started a trend in television; period pieces. Mad Men is a show about the exploits of ad men from the 60s. Not only does it provide us with amazing writing but also a look inside life in the 60s. Due to the success of the show other networks have jumped on board and started shows like the Playboy Club and ABC’s Pan Am. Although today’s infographic is not directly related to the show Pan Am it does provide with a blast from the past. A comparison of airlines like Pan Am to today’s private airlines like Ryanair.

I will admit I have never been on a plane much less actually flown in one, it’s crazy I know. Growing up my parents always insisted we drive on our family vacations because it allowed us to see more and spend quality time together. Back in the day I complained about it, however now I am grateful for that time and we made memories that would not have happened on a plane. That being said, I do plan on flying some day and will do so knowing the knowledge today’s infographic has to offer. [Cheap Flights]

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