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For Developer Eyes Only

By | source: Dec 21st, 2012

Android has returned in today’s post, but this infographic is more worried about the people developing the apps behind the scenes than your everyday Angry Birds player. Social gaming on mobile devices has become incredibly popular especially with kids and a good bit of revenue for these games come from the sales of in-game virtual goods. Now ten years ago I would of said no one in their right mind would spend real cash money on a virtual cigar, but that has changed. Improving the looks of your character in these more passive social gaming worlds is very important.

When playing massively developed social games on the PC the looks and inventory of your character usually depends on the users skill set or play style, in mobile social games they reflect the person behind the character, they reflect the real life player. This is why people will go and spend .10 cents one an in-game cocktail – because they we’re feeling like on in real life.

These recreational social games are not the only money makers on Google’s Play store – Casino games dominate the charts. Casino games are fun, but also pull in the dough. Over a quarter of Android’s top 25 grossing apps are casino games, but that’s not all – who do you think pays for all these games? You’ll be surprised because unexpected spenders like Mexico and Thailand top the list. [Papaya Mobile]