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Fortune 100 Companies

By | source: Nov 8th, 2010

As social media has taken the internet by storm we have seen it come into every part of our existence. No longer must we wait to know when someone is brushing their teeth or getting their oil changed, everything and anything someone is doing is readily available on websites like Facebook and Twitter. Whether we like it or not, social media is everywhere and cannot be avoided. Because of this, Fortune 100 companies have taken the time to learn about these medium and have begun to use them.

These sites are no longer strictly social, they offer a whole new way to market yourself for little to no money. Companies can now avoid the expenses of stamping and sending letters or holding a news conference to inform their conglomerate. A couple of simple keystrokes and the hit of a submit button on Twitter can inform everyone instantaneously.

While Facebook or Twitter or any other social media platform may prove to be more beneficial to an up-and-coming company, it speaks volumes as to how beneficial these sites are, now that Fortune 100 companies are taking the time to manage accounts. Taking a look at AT&T‘s Twitter account, you may find that things are a little different from your typical Twitter account. For one, the number of people followed is no where near the amount of those following. When these companies create social accounts it is not so much to interact, rather to inform. These sites are not being created to facilitate interaction with a customer base, they are there to further sell a product. You may comment your heart out on these pages, but for the most part they are very one-sided accounts; from the company to you, not the other way around.

A benefit found in these social media sites is the amount of personalization allowed. Before such sites, if you wanted to put yourself out there you had to create your own website and create all your own code. Today we have these social media platforms that come with customizable templates, making things so much easier. While the general look may be the same throughout, companies are able to throw in their own pizzaz such as logos, colors, and the like. In a time when we expect everything instantly, companies can turn to social media as a cheap and quick way to get the latest news out to their customers. [via]