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Our Future Lies In Renewable Energy

By | source:Here Jun 8th, 2021

For more than a hundred years we have powered our electrical needs with fossil fuels. Then, we realized that burning these fuels was driving climate change. Today, countries around the world have started the change to renewable energy. Yet, the production of electricity is still the world’s biggest source of greenhouse gases.

Today’s infographic from Compare the Market highlights the untapped potential of renewable energy around the world.

In the United States, fossil fuels create major pollution. Coal, petroleum and gas remain the largest source of fuel for electricity generation. See the numbers below:

  • 66% of the sulfur dioxide – the cause of respiratory disease including asthma
  • 40% of mercury – contaminating soil and water
  • 37% of Carbon dioxide – a greenhouse gas, fueling climate change.
  • 29% of nitrogen oxides – also responsible for respiratory infections
  • Soot – particularly dangerous for people with lung disease

Renewable energy is produced from natural resources. So, these resources are not about to run out. Renewable energy generation produces no greenhouse gas emissions. This infographic shows that almost all of the world’s richest countries have easy access to most forms of renewable energy.

So why don’t we use more renewable energy sources? There are a couple of reasons

  • Renewable energy isn’t easy to store
  • The initial investment for renewable energy generation is high. It needs commitment from governments. Once the installation is in place, generation costs are lower because natural resources like wind and sunlight are free to use. The maintenance costs of renewable generating units are also low.

The world will deplete all stocks of fossil fuels within the next 40 to 60 years. Unlike fossil fuels, renewable energy is inexhaustible.

By 2024, 30% of the electricity generated around the world will come from renewable energy sources. So, there is progress. Growing concern about climate change will lead to the accelerated use of this clean energy source.