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Garden Diary For The Year

By | source:Here Oct 2nd, 2021

Gardening is hard work but the avid gardener reaps rewards aplenty. There is nothing quite like fresh fruit and vegetables picked straight from the garden. Gardening is a year-round hobby and this infographic offers a comprehensive plan of how you should plan your garden schedule if you live in the Northern Hemisphere. Following this month-to-month instruction should ensure that you have a good harvest of juicy, succulent fruit and veg.

Planning your garden is important. Crops need plenty of sunlight so find a sunny spot in your garden. Fruit-bearing plants need between six and eight hours of sun a day. Plant crops that your family enjoys and plant just enough to so that there is no wastage. Plant a few leafy vegetables several days apart to ensure that they don’t all ripen at once. Succession planting ensures that you can reap the rewards over several weeks.

Some vegetables are easier to tend than others and they’re more productive. Try lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, beets, and green beans to start. Make sure that you give your plants plenty of water and feed the soil well. Remember that picking the fruit will keep the plant bearing.