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Get All Your Vitamins Without Taking A Single Supplement

By | source:Here Jan 16th, 2022

It can be a pain sorting out which vitamins to take. Do you need to take Vitamin C every day? What’s the best fish oil capsule? And for those who dislike or aren’t able to swallow pills, the struggle can be even worse. Instead of all of that suffering, though, you can make sure you eat the right foods, and never have to take a supplement again.

Most importantly, the human body absorbs nutrients better from food than it does from any supplement- so eating the right nutrients can make a huge difference to your health. For example, vitamin B1 improves your nervous system health, and can be found in black beans, sunflower seeds, lentils, and tuna (which, actually, could make a great salad altogether.)

Similarly, there’s no need to turn to supplements to get your vitamin C, the immune-boosting hero, when you can find it in plentiful amounts in citrus, spinach, peppers, papaya, mango, and kiwi.  Potassium, which keeps your heart beating, is lurking in every banana and potato skin, while folic acid, essential for pregnancy health, is in turnip greens, lentils, and asparagus. Of course, some people have limited diets and need supplements to stay healthy- but if you eat as many of your vitamins as you can, you’re sure to see health benefits.