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Glam Up Your Business Cards

By | source: Jan 10th, 2012

Many of my senior friends are getting jobs for next year. WHile I am not currently in this boat since grad school is in my future, finding a flashy, professional and creative business card template is a good way to make yourself memorable. In this harsh economy, with the hundreds of talented professionals in the workforce, standing out is a way to keep yourself in demand. And lets face it, who doesn’t want to be in demand?

This infographic is a great guide to creating your custom business cards. With a bunch of typefaces to narrow your font search, and then popular fonts within each typeface, the daunting task of picking a font becomes much easier. Choosing colors is another area to express creativity, but as the infographic states you should use the CYMK color mode for print, rather than RGB, which is used for web.

Another interesting idea is to use unconventional materials. These days, many creatives use materials such as wood, metal, magnet and meat or cookies! Get creative, infographers! [Via]