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Weirdly Delicious Junk Food From Around The World

By | source:Here Jun 14th, 2021

I, like most others, enjoy junk food from time to time. Yes, we all know it’s not good for us but a break from the kitchen and an impulse buy is all good when it comes to eating junk food. With so many junk food choices vendors have to come up with something a little different to stand out from the competition. And when it comes to product innovation, some brands really think out of the box as demonstrated by this infographic.

One of the strangest on the list is the woman’s burger face mask. According to an internet report, a Japanese national burger chain investigated why women were not buying their large classic burger. They found that women were embarrassed to open their mouths that wide. Japanese etiquette demands that women cover their mouths when eating in public. So, the chain devised a wrapper that masked their mouths. Burger sales increased by 213% after this innovation.

Dunkin Donuts take the prize when it comes to innovative flavours. While the dried pork and seaweed donut made it onto this infographic, it is not the only strange flavour to make it onto the Dunkin Donut menu. Try a kimchi doughnut in Korea. Kimchi is fermented cabbage along with added pork bits. Other favourites are the Indonesian black cheese donut and the date donut in the United Arab Emirates.

Until Covid-19 came along, KFC was known across the globe for its Finger Licking Goodness. For Hong Kong customers the line was foreign. So, KFC came up with the concept of edible nail polish to promote their slogan in this part of the world. Alas, Kentucky is no longer Finger Licking Good as the slogan was considered inappropriate as Covid-19 took hold.