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The Crazy Science Behind The Golf Ball

By | source:Here Jul 25th, 2019

Whether you are a golf junkie or know someone who is, here are some curious tidbits about golf balls that will give you plenty to talk about between turns.

People who really love golf feel truly insulted when someone else calls the sport “boring”. I’m sorry Pops, but I never really understood the allure of waiting for what felt like hours on end for someone else to make a move. I’m not patient, and golf seemed just too slow for me as a kid.

But my grandfather always said that golf wasn’t about the wait, it was about concentration, mental health, and dedication.

I can appreciate nowadays that being outside, enjoying the warm sun, and listening to the birds might sound good. Of course, I can also get that on a hike in the forest, at much cheaper!

As I’ve grown older, I’ve come to realize that golf is more about being out with friends than it is about hitting that little white ball. Betting with your friends on who will make the next hole, getting to know someone new when paired up with a stranger, and strengthening your bond with your family can all be good reasons to play golf. Whether you’re a fan or not, today’s infographic covers some golfing ball basics and other facts that will make conversation easier the next time you’re stuck waiting for someone else to make a hole. Thank me later!