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Good Luck Food

By | source: Jan 1st, 2014

Happy New Year’s, everyone!

Hopefully you’re in good spirits and not nursing too bad of a hangover. But even if you are, today’s infographic may make you feel better. In my family we always eat black-eyed peas on New Year’s Day for good luck, and apparently cultures all over the world have their own lucky foods.

“Long-Life” Noodles are typically eaten in a stir-fry — the noodles aren’t broken or shortened, which signifies longevity; pigs are a symbol of progress in some cultures, apparently because they “never move backward” so pork is a popular New Year’s treat; round fruits are eaten in the Philippines â?? it’s customary to eat thirteen â?? Europe, and the U.S. eat twelve (as a representation of the months in a year); pomegranates are good luck in Turkey because of their red color and their resemblance to the human heart â?? which denotes life and fertility; and leafy greens are eaten in the coastal American South as well as Europe â?? which includes kale, collards, and cabbage â?? because of their color and consistency, which is reminiscent of paper cash. And just like cash, the more you have (or in this case eat) the more prosperous you’ll be (and probably healthier!)

Check out these popular New Years foods and try out a new recipe. It might just bring you good luck! [Via]