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Guide to Caring for Your First Dog

By | Oct 17th, 2016

Who’s excited to get their first dog? You are! Yes you are! Don’t let the moment get ruined by being unprepared.

As far as essential supplies, it’s good to have these things, but until you get your dog home you won’t know what it’s going to be into. For instance, I bought my dog three beds before I accepted that she just prefers lying on the floor. She also never liked chewy toys, but that’s probably because she was super old and didn’t have the best teeth. So don’t spend a ton of money on toys before you figure out what your new pup likes.

Speaking of money, have you made a budget for your new bff? Check out our Cost of Owning a Pet infographic to get an idea of the costs.

If you’re a person who can bring a squishy new pup home and immediately jump into discipline and training, you have my admiration. The only dog I’ve had was pre-housebroken I didn’t want to have to do that myself. I just want to swoof ears and rub tummies.