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Why You’ve Been Washing Your Hands Wrong

By | source:Here May 7th, 2020

There are things that we’ve been doing for so long that we just don’t think too much about it, like washing our hands. All of us were told to wash our hands ever since we were kids, and we all guessed that we’ve been doing it alright, so we’ve hardly given it a second look. After all, it should be something so natural by now to everyone–like riding a bicycle or tying your shoelaces (which you could also be doing wrong!)

But anyway…handwashing! We’ve been doing it every day, and these days—as we’re going through the Covid-19 outbreak—are a good time for all of us to relearn the importance of washing our hands. Knowing the kind of diseases and health issues we can avoid by doing it, as well as the proper way to do so in order to get rid of all the germs and viruses from our hands, can help us all stay healthier even after quarantine is over.

Since we’re already talking about handwashing, you can also try to shake and fold when you’re drying your hands with a paper towel (which not only does it better) but is also better for the environment!